Things have been changing at the mission. As the operation has expanded and more young boys are recruited to serve the Order, some of the formerly strict and rigid rules have fallen by the wayside. They still exist, but they are harder to enforce as more missionary boys and priests must be watched. Some of the boys can sense the change, and they are ready to take advantage of it. Young men like Elder Dean, who have been in the mission for some time and remember the old regime, are most enthusiastic about pushing the boundaries as far as they can go. [More]

Elder Garner is incredibly excited as today he finally ends his journey in the mission, becoming one of the men of the Order. The boy has dreamt of his Ordination for months, and now that it has come, he hopes that he can live up to the task of joining the high priesthood. He has so much respect, reverence, and desire for the men of the Order that he can’t even fathom becoming one of them himself. He hopes that some element of the ceremony will provide him with the confidence to step into his new role as a guide of missionary boys. [More]

Elder Solano is known for his charming smile and his friendly ways. All the boys get a warm feeling when they see him walking through the halls. He is the embodiment of giving and the idea that a missionary boy should be in service all the time. Even when he was a child, Solano was this way. His parents were avid churchgoers who believed in passing on a sense of charity to their son. Solano never questioned whether or not he should be charitable. It simply became part of his makeup, something that came naturally. [More]

Thus far, Elder Garner has been relegated to the less experienced priests of the Order because of his utter lack of sexual experience. Before joining the mission, Garner had never ventured to even touch another person in a sexual way. However, since entering the halls of the mission, Garner’s appetite for erotic encounters has only grown. His first time meeting one-on-one with a priest made a definite impression on him, and he now wants to experience the touch of a more seasoned man. Today, he is matched with one of the most renowned priests in the mission, Bishop Napoli. He has heard so many things at this point, that Napoli’s cock is incredibly thick and his figure makes him look like an action figure of some sort. [More]

Usually, Elder Boon is one of the more well-behaved boys at the mission. He was raised in a military family with a strong emphasis on discipline and chastity. When he was just entering middle school, his parents became devoutly religious out of nowhere. They started attending church and filling his mind with orthodox teachings meant to steer him away from a life of temptation. Boon was too young to rebel against such teachings, though he did find it strange that every Saturday and Sunday morning he was dragged off to church while his friends got to sleep in and watch cartoons. Instead, he had to learn ancient lessons about the importance of maintaining his virginity and keeping a pure mind. [More]

Ever since the new method of punishment was implemented, President Manwaring has been eager to try it out. While he is usually an advocate of more stiff forms of corporal punishment, he is pleased to deploy a more psychological means of getting to the boys. He is curious to see how it will work on a boy like Elder Solano. The young man is bigger than his fellow missionaries, and he is known for being particularly strong and able when it comes to physical activity. [More]

Rarely does a boy quite as inexperienced and nervous show up at the doorsteps of the Mission, but Elder Garner is a welcomed aberration amongst the boys. His lack of sexual history makes him all the more tempting to the boys and men around him. Most of his peers have at least had some fantasies that they have been unable to live out, desires that they’ve suppressed over the years in order to maintain a false image they must preserve. But Garner is different. He has not acted on his sexuality because he has not had an inner life that involves lustful feelings. This creates the impression amongst the priests that the boy is pure.“Purity is scarce these days,” the priests tell Bishop Davies as he prepares to take Garner under his wing, “and it’s only getting scarcer.” In other words, Davies mustn’t take this opportunity for granted. [More]

Elder Anderson is new to the mission, and he has yet to be properly broken in. Word has gotten around that he keeps his nose up at people when he walks around, acting like he is better than everyone. It could be his wealthy background or the belief that he has been specially chosen by some higher power to go begin his journey towards the higher ranks of the Order. [More]

One of the newest priests to join the higher ranks of the Order is Elder Solano. The handsome young man was one of the brightest, most stalwart missionaries the priests had ever seen. From the moment he began his journey towards the upper ranks, it was clear that he would bring a new light and life to the Order and the young men it hopes to guide. [More]

Bishop Davies and President Lee convene in a secret corner of the Temple to discuss one of the new arrivals. Elder Boon has sparked conversation amongst the men of the Order, and Davies and Lee are keen to get in early with the boy. There is a rumor that he is well-endowed, and the men want to see for themselves. [More]