Elder Anderson: Ordination

Greg McKeon , Mason Anderson and Jason Lenox

Elder Anderson is new to the mission, and he has yet to be properly broken in. Word has gotten around that he keeps his nose up at people when he walks around, acting like he is better than everyone. It could be his wealthy background or the belief that he has been specially chosen by some higher power to go begin his journey towards the higher ranks of the Order. And while hubris is not looked upon favorably in the halls of the mission, the boy's charisma and ability are undeniable. Every priest who meets him can see that they are most certainly interacting with a future member of the Order. The boy simply has everything it takes to become an effective priest. He may even have what it takes to become one of the top priests in the entire organization. His pride is his one defect, though if tempered properly, it could be used as a buoy to his journey. Men of confidence tend to do well with the boys, as they can transfer some of the security they have into the unsure minds of the missionaries. So, they are not trying to destroy the boy’s sense of self entirely. They are merely trying to show him that nothing and no one comes before the Order. He may keep his identity and his belief in his abilities, but only in the context of servitude to the greater good. To accomplish this delicate task, the Order calls upon President Manwaring and Bishop Davies. Manwaring leads the ceremony, as he too displayed an inordinate amount of confidence during his rise to prominence amongst the priesthood. He and Davies meet to discuss their approach in dealing with young Anderson. Once they are satisfied with their plan, the call the boy in and inform him that they are gathered to consecrate him. They pull his slacks down, letting his stiff cock pop from his waistband and stand at attention between them. Then, they share his cock, kissing it from root to tip. The worshipping blowjob boosts Anderson’s ego, but then the men push the boy onto his hands and knees and spitroast him. Manwaring strokes inside his tight asshole mercilessly, filling the boy with pain and pleasure as he works. With every thrust, Anderson loses himself a bit more until he finally seems to understand what the Order is telling him. And as Davies takes his turn pummeling the boy’s ass, Anderson realizes how he must change. The Ordination has been a great success.

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