President Lewis: Ordination

President Lewis

Over their years of service, Bishop Doves and President Lewis have become close friends and have leaned upon one anotherto be effective church leaders. Countless beautiful boys have benefitted from their care and instruction. Because of the intimate friendship the two men have developed, The Order has told President Lewis that he’ll be the one to ordain Stepbrother Doves as a bishop. President Lewis loves Stepbrother Doves, and is happy to see him trusted with greater responsibilities. But he also knows that when one man offers a higher calling to another, it often changes the relationship between them. Stepbrother Doves has always come to him for counsel and support; President Lewis knows that Bishop Doves will always respect his leadership, but he also knows that their relationship will change in ways large and small. The Order has also given President Lewis one very specific instruction: during the ordination, he is to offer his hole to Stepbrother Doves. President Lewis has never allowed another man to penetrate him before, and while he longs to obey, he’s also nervous about what is coming his way. President Lewis lays his hands on Stepbrother Doves’ head and offers the blessing. “I bless you with strength and courage,” President Lewis says, gently kissing him on the forehead. It’s easy to see by the expressions on their faces the deep love these men have for one another. Both of them commanding and authoritative leaders, neither of them the type to easily submit. The single kiss on the lips they share is that of brothers, one of whom has been ordered to offer himself to the other. Their encounter is marked by the courteousness and graciousness due to another man, not to be offered to a boy sensing the gravity of what’s to come, they undress quietly, taking each others’ ties off, not looking the other in the eyes. As both men unbutton their shirts, their hands tremble. President Lewis: “ This is my the time I had offered myself up to another man. I trusted Bishop Doves to value the sacrifice of the flesh I offered him. I submitted myself to him as a sign of respect and as a means of bonding us even more tightly to one another. It was slightly awkward for me to submit my body to a colleague. But I chose to humble myself, knowing there would be a great reward. Once Bishop Doves fills me with his seed, we will be full and total brothers.“

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