Elder Stewart: The Sacrement

Elder Stewart and Stepbrother Johnson

There has always been a special attraction between Stepbrother Johnson and Elder Stewart. Perhaps it is Stewart’s doleful smile or innocent look, but whatever it is, Johnson has not been able to get the boy out of his mind. So, during the Correlation Meeting, Johnson does not waste his opportunity to be alone with him. He quickly seduces the boy, getting Stewart to strip himself bare before putting his legs on his shoulders to bareback his asshole deeply. As Johnson pierces the boy’s butt, Stewart squirms and moans in delight. He has always wondered if Johnson’s prick would feel as good as it did that first time, and now he has the distinct privilege of experiencing it again. Johnson’s strong, young body knocks against his cheeks, sending orgasmic reverberations throughout his entire being. And as Stewart is physically ravished, his mind takes on a meditative state. It is as though all thoughts have been cleared out of his head. His eyes roll back and his breath palpitates. There are no words to describe how whole he feels with Johnson’s cock inside of him, or how wonderful it is to have a long-held fantasy of his finally manifested. The thrusting continues as Stewart’s tight hole grows sore. It grips Johnson’s shaft firmly, creating pleasurable friction that neither of them will be able to forget. Johnson worries that if he keeps stroking, he will become addicted to Stewart’s sweet ass, that even after this ceremony is complete, he will be unable to function properly without constantly recalling the orgasmic pleasure he feels while inside the boy. But there is no use for that worry now as he pumps. There is nothing to do but let each orgasmic wave wash over him until he is ready to explode on the boy, leaking cum from the tip of his dick onto Stewart’s balls and asshole.

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