Elder Stewart: The Covenant

Elder Stewart and Stepbrother Johnson

The pages of Elder Stewart’s mission journal are rife with warm words about his fellow missionaries and the men of the Order. But no boy or man has hadmore of an impact on him than stolid Stepbrother Johnson. Since their first contact, Johnson has left a lasting impression on young Stewart. His cock seemed to touch a part of the boy that he did not know existed, awakening a capacity for love within him that he had never known before. Perhaps the physical pleasure of it all has affected his perception of their relationship, but he can’t help but feel there is something more. He has felt sexual desire with others before, but this is different. Stepbrother Johnson means much more to young Stewart. Today, the Ward Mission Leader comes into Stewart’s room to prepare him for his Correlation Meeting. The boy is hard at work studying, but Johnson knows that he has not been totally faithful to his responsibilities.There is something else that Stewart has been occupied with – writing in his journal about his experiences with Johnson. But Johnson wants the boy to know that he is not in trouble. On the contrary, he is going to be taken care of. In fact, as long as he remains under the watch of Johnson, no harm will ever befall the spectacled boy. As the Ward Mission Leader leans in to kiss Stewart, the boy is ecstatic that his feelings are being reciprocated. For a long time, he thought it was a one-way street, that his impressions of their time spent together were overblown and exaggerated. But as Johnson runs his lips over the boy’s cock, suddenly Stewart realizes that he is not alone. He cannot wait for the Ward Mission Leader to enter his waiting asshole, and when he finally does, Stewart moans in joy. He never expected to find love on his mission. But sometimes expectations are meant to be subverted.

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