Elder Stewart: Inspection

Elder Stewart: Inspection

Elder Stewart and Stepbrother Johnson

Elder Stewart has been through so much during his mission. He has seen the lows – fearing expulsion, hiding his desires, and faking his purity.But he has also seen the highs – acceptance by the men of the Order, and the revelation that he does not need to abandon his sexual side in order to properly serve them. Every one of his expectations in starting his mission has not only been met, but exceeded, and he has never been more in touch with his physicality or spirituality. There has been no greater experience in his life than making his way through the ceremonial steps towards the Order, and he is sure that his life will never be the same. But before he moves on to the next part of his journey, he must undergo his Exit Interview with Stepbrother Johnson. And as Stepbrother Johnson peers into the young man’s eyes, he is overcome with passion and a need to connect with him physically before he goes. He leans forward, kissing the boy on the lips and feeling his spirit lifted by the touch of the young missionary. Stewart has been a model for the other boys, and Johnson has not only been impressed with his progress but inspired. How such a gorgeous young man has been able to go through such a transition, from undisciplined adolescent to subservient devotee of the Order, is a marvel to Johnson. Soon, the kiss evolves into something more, as Johnson begins to crave Stewart’s warm embrace. He guides the boy towards his body, hoping to feel the boy’s stiff rod in his tight asshole. He disrobes himself, showing off his incredible body as Stewart looks on like an animal in heat, ready to ravish Johnson’s tight asshole. He slides his cock inside Johnson’s butt, stroking with impassioned abandon, leaving his mark on the strong man with every thrust. Johnson hopes this will not be the last time he has the chance to indulge in Stewart’s body.

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