Elder Star: Anointing

Elder Star: Anointing

Oliver Star and Jesse Zeppelin

Bishop Jesse has heard a lot about Elder Star, and he’s interested to discover what’s true and what’s simply rumor. It’s become a tradition amongst the priests to spin stories about the missionary boys. It’s almost a subconscious thing, but the tales of their conquests have become increasingly fictionalized over the years. So, Jesse has become wary of the things he hears about the boys. Sometimes it’s just another one of his colleagues telling fishing stories to make themselves seem more powerful than they are. However, the religious man has high hopes for Star. The one consistent piece of information that circulates about the boy is that he is exceedingly obedient. Bishop Jesse hopes that it’s true, because he is a sucker for young men who are willing to serve the needs of their authority figures. Dominance is Jesse’s M.O. and he will go to any length to find a submissive missionary that will feed his ego and his need for sexual satisfaction. Elder Star tries to keep a low profile as he enters the ceremony with Jesse. He is familiar with the way many of these priests operate, and he knows he must adapt himself to the personality of the man he is dealing with in order to get the most out of the situation. The boy is single-minded in his climb towards the high priesthood, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Jesse pulls the boy close to him, manhandling him with his muscular arms. He shows the skinny missionary his strength, pushing him around before making him suck his thick cock. Then, the boy climbs atop the altar and presents his delicious hole. Jesse is pleased with Star’s servitude, and he rewards the boy by sliding his cock deep into his tight rim. Elder Star gasps as he’s filled to the brim, and another step of his journey is complete.

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