Elder Solano: Ordination

Greg McKeon and Cayden Solano

Elder Solano is known for his charming smile and his friendly ways. All the boys get a warm feeling when they see him walking through the halls. He is the embodiment of giving and the idea that a missionary boy should be in service all the time. Even when he was a child, Solano was this way. His parents were avid churchgoers who believed in passing on a sense of charity to their son. Solano never questioned whether or not he should be charitable. It simply became part of his makeup, something that came naturally. And it seemed to make the people around him happy, so he kept it up through his whole life. Now, he has entered the mission, and his attitude has quickly earned him a positive reputation. Even the most cynical priests cannot help but look upon him with reverence and respect. The boy represents something holy and precious that cannot be undervalued. The religious are all anxious for him to ascend the ranks and join the high priesthood. They are certain that the boy will serve as the perfect guide for young missionaries who wish to give their bodies to the Order. So as strapping President Manwaring peers into Solano’s warm eyes, he is proud to be the man to Consecrate the boy. He hopes that the intimate physical experience will become a warm memory in the boy’s heart and mind. He takes off his clothes and the boy travels south, kissing the priest’s stiff cock with his wet lips. He slides the girthy member into his mouth and sucks lovingly, hoping to please the strong man with every lick. Manwaring wraps his fingers around the boy’s neck as he plows him mercilessly on the ground. Then, the boy strokes himself sensually as the priest thrusts to an incredible climax. Manwaring is happy to finally give back to the boy who is always giving.

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