Elder Solano: Interview

Bishop Napoli and Elder Solano

Bishop Napoli’s stay at the mission has been a calm one. He has never wanted for anything, as every need seems to be taken care of by the men of The Order. There is a persistent concern with his satisfaction because he is such a valuable member of the organization. His ability to hone in on a missionary boy’s core desires and fantasies is uncanny, while his tactful, diplomatic persona creates a sense of security amongst his colleagues and the missionaries alike. Everyone can trust that Bishop Napoli will keep the information he gathers to himself. Everyone’s secrets are safe with him. However, Napoli wasn’t always so adept at maneuvering the landscape of the mission. In fact, when he first came on as a priest, he was woefully inadequate at keeping his mouth shut. There were a few times when he let important pieces of information slip out of his mouth in situations that almost got him kicked out of the mission altogether. The consequences were dire, and the men whose reputations were at stake were livid. But Napoli learned from his mistakes, buttoned his bottom lip, and became one of the Order’s most stalwart, trustworthy priests. So, as Elder Solano commences his journey in the mission, the Order has decided to pair Bishop Napoli with him. Solano is the son of a prominent member of government. He was sent to the mission because he was having trouble focusing in school. His father also suspected that the boy was harboring secret homosexual feelings. Instead of sending the boy off to college where he would undoubtedly explore his sexuality and experiment with other young men, the official opted to send him to the mission. Napoli understands the delicate situation. He needs to tease out Solano’s sexuality while making him feel safe. To do so, he interviews the boy carefully, leaning in to all the right questions to get the boy talking about his sexual fantasies and desires. He asks Solano if he has ever masturbated with another boy while skillfully moving his hand up the young man’s thigh - he wants to disarm the missionary on a psychological and physical front simultaneously. Solano is unsure how to respond. He has waited his whole life for the chance to be truthful about his inner world and his sexual fantasies. But as the moment approaches, he balks. Finally, Napoli makes his move, taking his cock out of his pants and brandishing it in front of the timid boy. Solano can hardly believe his eyes at the girth and length of Napoli’s member. He wants it inside of him, but first he licks it from balls to tip. Then, Napoli kisses his asshole before sliding his throbbing cock inside. Inch by inch his penis plunges deeper into the boy’s butt, and Solano feels all his worries slip away. Napoli has done it again.

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