Elder Solano: Anointing

Cayden Solano and Jason Lenox

One of the newest priests to join the higher ranks of the Order is Elder Solano. The handsome young man was one of the brightest, most stalwart missionaries the priests had ever seen. From the moment he began his journey towards the upper ranks, it was clear that he would bring a new light and life to the Order and the young men it hopes to guide. So, as he takes on his first missionary, his colleagues in the priesthood keep a close eye on the goings-on. They want to make sure that their shining star is as good in practice as he is in theory. Solano takes on Bishop Davies, a kind, light-hearted boy who the Order has recently taken under its wing. The pairing is a match made in heaven. Both men are from the midwest and come from suburban, well-to-do backgrounds. The transition into becoming a faithful sexual servant to the priests is eased by the familiarity Davies feels when looking into Solano’s eyes. It is as though he is looking at a future version of himself. He sees the kind of man he can become if he follows the Order’s plan for him. Davies is honored to be chosen as Solano’s first boy. He knows the importance of these sessions for the young priest’s future, so he tries his hardest to follow everyone of his commands. The relaxed priest moves through the time-honored steps of the Anointing. He caresses Davies’s nubile body, touching his toned muscles and feeling his cock get hard in his brilliant white pants. He peels the boy’s clothes off and kisses his young asshole, sending a wave of pleasure through his anxious body. Then, he plunges a crystal rod into the kid’s butt and penetrates his sore hole with his girthy shaft. Davies moans in pleasure and arches his back as he rides the priest’s pole. He hopes that his obligations are fulfilled, and that he has proven to be a suitable first missionary for Solano. His only wish is for the man to go on to become one of the most esteemed members of the high priesthood. And as Solano works, his colleagues are most definitely impressed.

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