Elder Mason: Sneaking

Mason Dean and Chase Daniels

Elder Mason and Elder Daniels have had months to cultivate their silent relationship. With only a series of looks and brief physical encounters to hold them over, they’ve managed to keep a passionate flame smoldering throughout their time at the mission. Neither is exactly sure how it’s possible that they could have such strong feelings towards each other without being able to manifest their desire physically, but they don’t want to question it too much. All they know is that whenever they look at each other, a sweet aching fills them up with the hope that one day they can be together without the watchful eye of the Order lording over them. Today is that day, or at least that’s what Elder Daniels has decided as he leads Elder Mason into a secret room in the Temple. He doesn’t care if they get caught, as long as they have one hot moment together, to experience each other’s physicality like they’ve always dreamed. There’s no reason that they need to keep it a secret any longer if they are unafraid of the consequences. And the rewards are far greater than the risks in Daniels’s mind. He needs to feel Elder Mason from the inside, and he will stop at nothing to make that happen. Elder Mason climbs on top of Daniels and wraps his arms around him, indulging in the sensual touch of his young companion. Daniels’s cock grows stiff immediately as he yearns to feel Mason penetrate his pulsing boy hole. Mason stuffs his cock into the boy’s ass, stroking gently at first as the passion builds. And as the pleasure fills his senses, he feels an explosion like none other build up, ready to release. Daniels and Mason have finally had their moment in the sun. Now the only question is, how long can they make it last?

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