Elder Land: Initiation

Logan Cross

Elder Land has been a model missionary for the Order. He’s done all that they’ve asked for and never once turned away or objected. When he first started his induction, he’d been so focused on quieting his same-sex desires. And now, he can’t get enough of the stepdaddy dick he’s been tasked to serve. Bishop Gibson was instrumental in bringing him to where he is today and has never forgotten how Elder Land would fantasize about him relentlessly. That kind of early devotion is powerful and precious and should never be taken for granted. Gibson, too, has had great affection for the young boy and has taken great pleasure in seeing him come through to his ordination. The time seemed right to give him a special treat… a reward for his devotion and obedience. Bishop Gibson brought the young man into the temple by where the showers were. The boy’s eyes widened instinctively. Seeing the older man heading toward the showers was a scene that had played in his mind so many times. And now, he was living it. The two undressed quietly, stripping down to their garments before heading into one of the private stalls. Their eyes occasionally drifted to one another in the playfully formal manner that they’d been used to, but there was an electricity coming off of each other that neither one could deny. Elder Land wasn’t sure what to do or what to say. He didn’t see any of the usual signs of ceremony: no oils or candles or robes. It was just the two of them, alone and private, standing in their garments by a stone shower. Gibson grabbed the boy’s body and pulled him close, kissing his mouth and neck all over, taking in the sweet smell of the boy’s skin. Elder Land, too, returned the embrace, holding onto the strong arms of the older man as his garments began to tighten around his growing erection. The bishop’s hands fell to the site of his arousal, grabbing hold of his cock as it grew between his fingers. Elder Land had had sex with Gibson many times, but this moment felt different. There seemed to be no ritual or test, no challenge or blessing. All that there was was passion. Just the hot, intense desire of one man for another. The boy reached out and grabbed Gibson’s cock. It was just as hard and powerful as the last time it came inside him. The two stroked each other as their bodies pressed against one another. Their garments gently scratched against their skin, practically begging to come off. The older man removed the boy’s shirt. He then proceeded to drop to his knees as his hands pulled at the waistband of his shorts. Elder Land watched as the blonde, bearded bishop took his cock out and stroked it in his hands. It was only out for a second before he placed it in his mouth, letting it slide past his fair whiskers and deep across his tongue. Elder Land’s hole clenched as he felt himself reach the back of the older man’s throat, overwhelmed with pleasure at the smooth, wet, warmth on the head of his cock. Bishop Gibson loved sucking cock. Whether it was the other men of the Higher Priesthood or the impressionable young missionaries, he just loved the feeling of a hot shaft in his mouth. He dipped his own hand in his garment shorts, stroking himself and enjoying the sensation of a full throat. Elder Land enjoyed the blowjob he received, but his heart was racing thinking about returning the favor. He knew his place and it wasn’t standing: it was kneeling. As soon as he could, he pulled his cock out of Gibson’s mouth and got down on his knees. He pushed his face up against his crotch hard, desperate to smell his manhood and excite his body. He pulled out the throbbing cock, taking it into his mouth so fast he barely tasted it before it hit his tonsils. He sucked on it sensually, taking in the feeling and flavor of it as he massaged it with his mouth. “Look at me,” Gibson whispered, holding his head up slightly, eager to the hungry look in his eyes. It was a beautiful thing to see: a boy so completely enamored with his cock. Gibson watched as he pumped his face back and forth, really servicing him like his mouth was an ass to fuck. The feeling wasn’t far off, either. Gibson didn’t want to stop, knowing how much the boy loved sucking him, but he knew he had yet to deliver on the fantasy. He stood the boy up and kissed him closely. The boy’s lips were warm and swollen from working hard on his shaft, but his mouth was wet with saliva. “Come here,” Gibson said, leading him into the shower. Gibson removed the remainder of his clothes before turning the shower faucet. Suddenly, hot water fell down on them, matting down the golden brown hairs on his body. They beaded and formed streams that trailed his chest, creeping down to his crotch. The way he glistened was somehow more amazing then Elder Land even imagined in his fantasies. The boy studied him closely, trying to commit every detail to memory. The only thing that broke him from his concentration was the pull from Gibson bringing him into the water and locking lips. Land closed his eyes as he felt the steam rise around them. He was engulfed in a warm, misty fog that obscured everything around them. Only beams of sunlight cut through the air, leaving them feeling even more secluded. The kissed and grabbed at each other, finding it hard to stay close with their bodies wet and slick. They held tightly to each other, using each other for leverage as their hands travelled all over. Bishop Gibson turned Land around to face the faucet, propping his arms up against the way. He knelt down to kiss the boy’s smooth, wet ass, licking his hole as he made his away from cheek to cheek. Standing back up, he pressed his hard cock against where he’d just licked, feeling the tight sphincter warm and knotted. He gently ran the head of his cock over it, feeling it pressed into it, pushing it open as he moved up and down. With a delicate push, he pressed further in, feeling water trickle around the head of his cock as it broke apart the entrance of his hole, making its way inside very slowly. Elder Land braced onto the wall as best he could. The blunt sting of his hole opening was soothed by the warm water, seeming to nullify the intense penetration of the older man’s thick cock. He took a few deep breaths and felt his hole relax, taking the full length of the bishop’s cock inside him. It was more than he fantasized about. Standing in the hot water with the light refracting around them, he felt like he had died and gone to heaven. The hard cock inside him moved in and out, pressing against his prostate as it travelled deeper and deeper. He had wanted Bishop Gibson so badly, and know he was holding him tight...

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