Elder Herring: The Interview

President Oaks and Elder Herring

Over the years President Oaks has seen hundreds of missionaries and conducted countless life-changing interviews with them. In these interviews, young missionaries who have been specially selected by the priesthood are informed of their candidacy to join the Order. Up to this point, missionaries usually have never heard talk of The Order in such direct terms. Of course, they have heard stories and rumors about the high priesthood and their mysterious ways, but they have no details or further information. Only whispers passed around by boys in the mission, phantoms of sexuality and secrecy. Today, Elder Herring is informed that he has been chosen for candidacy and he is shocked. At first, he has no idea what the Interview ceremony is even about. He thinks that President Oaks is going to ask him to be his assistant, which he considers an honor within itself. However, Oaks quickly informs the boy that being selected as a candidate for The Order is one of the highest honors any missionary boy can hope to achieve. He will have to work diligently to make it through the steps and ascend to the higher ranks of the priesthood. Few have done it, but Oaks believes Herring can be one of them. However, the first step towards the Order is to guide Herring through the Interview. He tells the missionary that he is going to ask him a series of questions. They make the boy uncomfortable because of how personal they are. But no matter what, the boy must answer honestly. If he lies, he could lose his opportunity to join The Order altogether. Herring is intimidated, but he tries to follows Oaks’s directions to a tee. He answers the first question honestly. Does he ever have sexual thoughts? Yes. He even admits to getting erections when he has these thoughts, and that he touches himself. He feels it is normal, and President Oaks confirms that it is.Herring has never had any sexual relations before. He has had sexual thoughts about other men in the mission, though. He even has had sexual thoughts about Oaks. He feels safe being in the temple, alone with the prestigious priest. And when the older man moves toward him and puts his hand on his leg, he feels his heart flutter in his chest. He can barely believe what is happening. Just a moment ago, he thought he was going to be asked to be Oaks’s assistant. Now he is about to have his first sexual experience with the man he has always fantasized about.He sucks Oaks’s erect cock, letting it slide all the way down his throat as he tries to please him as best he can. Then, he sits on the priest’s boner, feeling it fill his tight hole as he rides it. As he gets penetrated deeper and deeper, He feels an intense satisfaction he has never experienced before. All he can think about as Oaks drenches his body in warm cum, is an immense desire to serve the priesthood forever.

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