Elder Herring: The Covenant

President Oaks and Elder Herring

Elder Herring has turned heads his whole life. Tall, pale, and strikingly handsome, the redheaded boy garners attention from men and women wherever he goes. Even when he would rather maintain a low profile, the boy can’t seem to escape the gazes of his admirers. So, after a lifetime of trying to blend in to his surroundings, he has decided to enter the mission. He believes that if he studies hard enough and learns the ways of a good missionary boy, he will be able to make it out on the other side a more confident, resilient individual who can cast away the doubts created by the prying eyes of outsiders. Whether the opinions are positive or negative, they affect the boy deeply, and he’d rather do away with them altogether. However, things are not that simple. Even as he dons the standard pressed white shirt and black slacks, Herring can’t seem to blend in with the other boys. He’s just too attractive and his hair is too striking. He quickly becomes known throughout the mission halls as the boy who wants to disappear but can’t because of his dashing good looks. What a shame, his companions lament. If only he knew how much of a treasure he is. That is why President Oaks has taken such a strong interest in the boy. He wants to show him that it is alright to stand out, and that he should be rewarded for shouldering so much attention for so long. He oils the boy’s body, covering his cheeks in slippery lubrication. Then, he slides his bulging cock down the missionary’s throat, filling his mouth with his girth. Finally, he slams the boy from behind, making him forget all about the outside attention he so desperately hopes to eschew. All Elder Herring needs is a good distraction and he’ll be just fine.

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