Elder Herring: The Anointing

Elder Herring and President Lee

Silence is one of life’s great teachers, President Lee’s father told him when he was young. Since then, the man has carried that lesson with him everyday. Everyone at the mission knows that Lee is a man of few words, and it has created a sense of respect whenever he does choose to open his mouth to speak. Whatever he says is going to be important, and it would be best to listen and listen well. But beyond using silence to command rooms and impose his will, President Lee uses it to interact with the young missionary boys in his charge.His theory is that silence works best because the boys are in a constant state of bombardment at the mission. They are reading, studying, and learning, every moment of everyday. That is a lot of information to process, much of which is coming in the form of words. And while training the mind to absorb huge amounts of information is certainly a worthy cause, it can lead to overload and collapse. In fact, so much learning may lead to the loss of several important lessons along the way. How can a young missionary be expected to retain every bit of information he receives. It is simply impossible. Thus, Lee has developed his own system for dealing with the boys, and today, Elder Herring is the subject of that system. As Lee moves silently about, Herring is unsure what to make of it. Usually, priests are easier to read. They speak in an intimidating way or they speak kindly. Either way, they offer direction and understanding with their words. But Lee does nothing of the sort. He is sparse in his communication, using his body language to dominate the room. And as the Anointing proceeds, Elder Herring realizes that he will have to intuit every instruction on his own. This is a test in its own right. Lee slowly undresses the boy, moving deliberately. Every piece of clothing that comes off makes Herring’s breath get shorter. He tries to hide his excitement, but when his undergarments are finally removed, it is evident. Herring’s cock is rock hard, and Lee is impressed. He kisses the boy’s body, making him squirm in anticipation. The man is inscrutable, the boy thinks as Lee works his way towards his cock. Herring can’t imagine what Lee’s next move will be, and it drives him crazy. Taking Herring’s dick in his mouth, Lee savors the taste. The boy closes his eyes and exhales deeply, relaxing into the man’s sensual touch. Then, he climbs on top of the priest’s muscular body and sits on his thick dick. He can’t believe how girthy it is as he slides down onto it, feeling it fill his hole completely. He wants to please the priest, to make him grunt and moan, to hear his voice in some way or another. As they near climax, he hears the man’s breathing get heavy. Perhaps this is how the man communicates, Herring thinks. Physicality is all he needs.

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