Elder Herring: Sacrament

Oliver Dean , Elder Herring and Jason Lenox

Elder Dean and Elder Herring may think that they have been sneaky about their feelings towards each other. Time and time again, their whispers in the dorms have been caught by the keen ear of the Order. Time and time again, their fellow missionaries have come forward to give up information on their meetings, their love letters, their physical intimacies. And after all the evidence has piled up against the boys, they are finally called in to face each other out in the open. No longer will they be able to hide their inner turmoil, for the men of the Order have simply run out of patience. This confrontation must not be taken too directly, though. If the boys are disciplined too harshly, their spirits may crumble, which would be highly detrimental to the morale of the entire mission. After all, both Dean and Herring are both well-respected amongst their peers, and their humiliation would likely cause an uproar amongst the missionaries. So, to approach the issue, Bishop Davies asks Dean to aid in Elder Herring’s Sacrament ceremony. It’s an unusual request, one that rouses suspicion from the boys right away, but they have no recourse but to go along with what has been planned for them. They arrive in the temple unsure of what their fate will be. Will Bishop Davies come right out and chastise them? Or will he play more coy? In defiance of all expectation, the man doesn’t even say a word. He simply looks at the boys knowingly and caresses their bodies, tacitly inviting them to join. The boys kiss as though it’s their first time ever touching each other’s lips, but the Bishop quickly dispels all shyness. He exhales deeply as the boys share his cock. Then, he plows Herring before allowing Dean to have a turn inside the boy’s sweet hole. There will be no secrets in the mission.

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