Elder Herring: Disciplinary Action

Elder Herring and Jason Lenox

Bishop Davies has become more aggressive as of late. It’s an inexplicable turn in his usual gentle nature. He used to be known for his calming aura, his ability to listen to missionaries, and his unending patience. However, something in him has changed, and suddenly his patience is constantly on a tightrope. If a missionary steps out of line, he is the first to snap and discipline the boy. It’s almost as though he’s looking for the boys to break the rules, just so he can remind them of how unworthy they are to live in the halls of the mission. Power has gone to Davies’s head, and he has let it get out of control. When he hears that Elder Herring has broken another of the mission’s rules, Davies has a strange mixture of emotion. There is anger that the boy would be so insolent as to disrespect the age-old tenets of the Order. But there is also pleasure in knowing that he will be able to punish the boy openly and without shame. He is in the right, so he can be as sadistic as he wants in his disciplinary action. He calls Elder Herring into a darkened room and immediately proceeds to punish the boy’s body. He stuffs his throbbing cock between the young man’s lips and chokes him with his girth. He hopes that the lack of oxygen will remind Herring that his presence at the mission is a privilege, not a right. Then, he bends the boy over and shoves his dick inside his sore asshole, stroking with no regard for Herring’s screams. The missionary experiences pain and pleasure at once, confused by the sensations rushing through him. But as he feels Davies digging deeper and deeper into his gut, he lets the orgasmic warmth take his body over.

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