Elder Garner: Anointing

Bishop Davies and Elder Garner

Rarely does a boy quite as inexperienced and nervous show up at the doorsteps of the Mission, but Elder Garner is a welcomed aberration amongst the boys. His lack of sexual history makes him all the more tempting to the boys and men around him. Most of his peers have at least had some fantasies that they have been unable to live out, desires that they’ve suppressed over the years in order to maintain a false image they must preserve. But Garner is different. He has not acted on his sexuality because he has not had an inner life that involves lustful feelings. This creates the impression amongst the priests that the boy is pure.“Purity is scarce these days,” the priests tell Bishop Davies as he prepares to take Garner under his wing, “and it’s only getting scarcer.” In other words, Davies mustn’t take this opportunity for granted. He is a new priest and he has been chosen to reward his valiant efforts thus far. He has proven to be loyal to the Order and capable when dealing with the missionaries, but if he fails to foster a strong sense of servitude within Garner’s spirit, his standing will be called into question. Especially when so many of the younger priests look at him with a jealous eye. The chance to lay hands on a boy like Garner is a once in a lifetime thing. As Davies runs his fingers over the boy’s shoulders, he knows that he must be gentle and steady. Any sudden move or jolt in energy could cause the boy’s psyche to collapse altogether. Garner can barely keep from crying as the ceremony proceeds. He is not sad, or particularly scared. It is just that he is filling up with an emotion that he has never quite experienced before. Blood rushes to his groin and a lump develops in his throat as he senses the older man touching his body. Then, finally, he shares a kiss with the young priest. Davies feels the boy open up as he wraps his lips around his stiff cock. He uses the ceremonial crystal rod to loosen the missionary’s virgin asshole and then instructs the boy to sit on his swollen member and gyrate his hips. Garner is enthralled with the man’s thick penis and touches himself as an orgasmic wave crashes over his body. Never in his life has he felt this kind of pleasure, and it is something he will never forget.

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