Elder Dial: True Order of Prayer

Elder Call , Elder Packer and Elder Dial

It is rare that a single priest will meet with more than one missionary at a time. It is even more uncommon for a single priest to meet with three young missionaries. But today, Bishop Angus feels the need to convene some of his favorite candidates for the high priesthood so he can teach them the True Order of Prayer. Elder Call, Elder Dial, and Elder Packer have all proven their abilities in their own ways. But it is only when they understand exactly how they are to worship---that they will they be able to transcend themselves and become the perfect servants to The Order. And with all the rumors circulating about their exploits in the mission, Bishop Angus believes they are in dire need of some focus. But before the ritual even begins, the Elders are up in arms about the special circumstances. They are unsure why they have all been called together and whether it is a good or bad sign for them. Thus far, all three have been kept in the dark about what the priesthood is thinking, and none of them have any real grasp on their standings. Elder Call suggests that it may be the end of their missions altogether. Elder Dial is more optimistic, believing that this will be some kind of reward. But curly-haired Elder Packer is difficult to read. In his mind, all he can do is hope that Bishop Angus continues to see them as worthy candidates to serve the high priesthood. It is his only dream, and any mistakes he has made along the way he hopes will be forgiven. When they finally come face-to-face with Angus, their hearts collectively skip a beat. They watch his lips move before hearing the words that come out of his mouth, anticipating the worst. They try to keep their composure, but it feels as though they are on the executioner’s block. Perhaps this is the end of their journeys after all. But when he reveals that he will be teaching them the True Order of Prayer, they are relieved. This is a good thing, as it will bring them a step closer to joining the high priesthood. In fact, it is a rare honor that they are being instructed in such an ancient and secretive ritual. After following Bishop Angus in a prayer, the boys huddle around his cock and open their mouths to pleasure the man. They share his dick, covering it in their spit as they ready their assholes for deep penetration. They line up side-by-side, perking their butts out and offering themselves to the Bishop. He chooses to fuck Packer first, as Elder Call penetrates Dial’s tight hole. Packer feels lucky to be filled up by the benevolent Bishop Angus...and he feels even more lucky that he has been given the opportunity to learn the True Order of Prayer in such a visceral way. Finally, Dial mounts Bishop Angus as Elder Call shoots a warm load of cum onto Packer’s balls. The sacred orgy is complete

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