Elder Dean: Sneaky Companions

Oliver Dean , Elder Herring and Jason Lenox

Things have been changing at the mission. As the operation has expanded and more young boys are recruited to serve the Order, some of the formerly strict and rigid rules have fallen by the wayside. They still exist, but they are harder to enforce as more missionary boys and priests must be watched. Some of the boys can sense the change, and they are ready to take advantage of it. Young men like Elder Dean, who have been in the mission for some time and remember the old regime, are most enthusiastic about pushing the boundaries as far as they can go. It is almost as though all their fears have disappeared. Today, Bishop Davies shows Dean and Elder Herring into the hall as they wait for a meeting with the President of the mission. However, while they wait, Dean sees an opportunity to reach a new height of subordination. He wants to defile the President’s hallway by seducing his green companion, Elder Herring. So, he asks the handsome boy to give him a handjob as they sit and wait for their meeting. Herring can hardly believe the brazenness of it all, but he is immediately turned on by Dean’s idea. After only a little bit of convincing, he reaches down and wraps his fingers around the older boy’s stiff cock. A lump gathers in his throat - the only way to clear it is for him to strip his clothes off and bend over for his companion. He lets Dean slip his hot member into his tight hole raw, feeling it penetrate deeper and deeper all the time. Neither boy can fully believe what they are doing, but the transgression makes the sex that much better. And soon, Herring is stroking himself to one of the most pleasurable moments of his life.

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