Elder Daniels: Sneaking

Jace Madden and Chase Daniels

Elder Madden has heard stories about some of the missionaries, the ones bold enough to sneak into the Temple and fool around outside of the reach of the Order. He isn’t sure if the stories about these secret rendez-vous are true or made up for dramatic effect. But when Elder Daniels comes into his life, everything suddenly gets turned upside down. The boy has no regard for the strict rules of the mission. If anyone has the gall to turn those legends into reality, it’s Daniels. Usually a good boy, Madden is turned on by the rebellious nature of his companion. He sees the boy as freedom, independence, individuality. While he himself may not have the strength to stand up and declare his identity to the world, Daniels certainly does. He wants to be around the boy, to absorb the energy that emanates from his limber body. And when Daniels reciprocates that interest, Madden couldn’t be more excited. He’s willing to follow the boy anywhere. Even if that means sneaking into the temple for an unsanctioned meeting… After creeping out of the main hall and into the Temple, the boys find themselves alone in a pristine white room. They try not to disturb anything so they won’t leave any trace of their visit. They shroud themselves in the curtains at the far end of the room, touching each other and laughing as excitement floods rushes through them. Madden can’t believe what he’s doing. He is living out the legend that has been passed onto him as Daniels sinks to his knees and unsheathes his eager cock. Daniels licks the tip and exposes his sweet asshole. Madden takes the invitation, penetrating his subversive companion with a passion he’s never felt before. Daniels has changed Madden’s life forever, and he will always be grateful for it.

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