Elder Daniels: Interview

Oliver Star , Jesse Zeppelin and Chase Daniels

To Elder Star, loyalty is a conditional trait. He believes that a good friend deserves loyalty, but he believes that the Order commands the most loyalty of all. And when Bishop Jesse calls the boy in to help him decide whether his friend Elder Daniels is being honest about the sins he has committed, Star is more than happy to help. He doesn’t see it as a betrayal of his friend. On the contrary, he feels as though he is helping his friend by leading him toward the straight and narrow path laid out by the Order. There is no question that following their directives is the only way to reach one’s full potential. And it would be devastating to Star to see his friend come up short of what he’s capable of. Bishop Jesse is proud that Star is so forthcoming with his willingness to help the men of the Order, and he rewards the boy by allowing him to take his turn with Daniels as well. Bishop Jesse begins the ritual by tasking both boys with a drooling blowjob. They share the man’s uncut cock and prepare themselves for intense penetration. Bishop Jesse plugs Daniel’s asshole with his dick and allows Star to shove his cock into the boy’s mouth. Together, they spitroast the disobedient missionary, teaching him the importance of telling the truth to the high priesthood. Once the ritual is complete, Bishop Jesse stands over the boys triumphantly. He is sure that Daniels has learned the importance of following the rules, and he is proud that Star helped him accomplish this task. As a reward, he shoots a load of cum all over Star’s face and watches as Daniels licks it up and swallows it. With a friend like Star, Daniels is sure to become the perfect servant he is destined to be.

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