Elder Boon: Disciplinary Action

Elder Boon: Disciplinary Action

Bill Farnsworth and Elder Boon

Usually, Elder Boon is one of the more well-behaved boys at the mission. He was raised in a military family with a strong emphasis on discipline and chastity. When he was just entering middle school, his parents became devoutly religious out of nowhere. They started attending church and filling his mind with orthodox teachings meant to steer him away from a life of temptation. Boon was too young to rebel against such teachings, though he did find it strange that every Saturday and Sunday morning he was dragged off to church while his friends got to sleep in and watch cartoons. Instead, he had to learn ancient lessons about the importance of maintaining his virginity and keeping a pure mind. The teachings reserved a special place in Boon’s mind. While he didn’t outright dismiss them, he did not care to determine whether the stories he was learning truly happened or not. That was less material than the lessons they taught, lessons that Boon absorbed obediently. Did he hold himself to the strict standards he should have according to the church? No, but he didn’t aspire to be a saint or a role model. He only hoped to do his best and let himself be human when it was necessary. However, the rules at the mission are less subjective than those he lived by as an adolescent. Here, if he breaks the rules, there are consequences, and that is exactly what he learns today as the details of his latest transgressions become clear to the men of the Order. President Oaks is assigned to the case, and he eagerly takes Boon’s discipline into his hands. He meets the boy in a darkened room, greeting him with a stern face and an inquisitive affect. He asks the boy how many cocks he has taken, how many times he has broken the rules of the Mission before getting caught. Boon answers as honestly as he can before submitting to the next stage of his punishment. He lays across President Oaks’s knee and receives a spanking that makes his cock stiff as a rock. Then, Oaks slides his swollen member inside the boy’s tight hole, thrusting as the boy’s aching hole grips the root of his huge dick. Oaks is a believer in the old methods of punishment, and they have yet to fail him. Boon is no exception as he vows to follow the rules more closely while his ass is pummeled raw.

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