Elder Argos: The Interview

Joel Someone and Argos

Elder Argos is one of the rougher candidates The Order has seen in a while. He has a loose way of speaking that falls outside of the norm for most young missionaries. Usually, the boys who come face to face with the priests tighten up and seem nervous and shy. But as Elder Argos is probed by President Lewis for his Interview, he speaks in an informal tone that suggests he may not fully understand just how serious this rendezvous is. President Lewis doesn’t blame the boy either. There is no way he could know that The Order is watching his every move, judging him and analyzing whether he is fit to become a servant to the priesthood. Lewis asks the boy if he has heard anything about their organization, and Argos answers truthfully - people have mentioned it vaguely, but no one has fully explained anything to him. His mission is still shrouded in mystery, even though he can feel some kind of presence that is pulling the strings in the dark. Maybe he would prefer things to stay unknown. Having the pressure of some faceless organization observing him could be more than Argos wants to take on. But at this point, he does not have a choice. President Lewis instructs the lax boy to place his hands behind his back. Proving that he is not like the other missionary boys yet again, Argos talks back. “For what?” he asks Lewis, unsure of whether he can trust the man standing in front of him. Lewis does not back down. Instead, he puffs his chest and calmly lets Argos know who is in charge. “I’m asking the questions here,” he tells the insolent boy, demonstrating his authority. Argos finally obeys, placing his arms behind his back as Lewis moves closer. Lewis touches Argos’s bare chest, playing with the boy’s chest hair and admiring the hyper masculine energy emanating from him. While the boy may be rebellious, his confidence is a turn-on for President Lewis. Usually missionaries crumble at his touch, but Argos watches every move the priest makes. He may be following the rules, but he is deftly aware of what is going on. It is almost as though he is giving President Lewis permission to touch him. And when Lewis finally works his way down to Argos’s cock, his desire soon gets the best of him. He opens his mouth and wraps his lips around the head of Argos’s dick, diving down to fill his mouth with the boy’s shaft. Then, Argos kneels to take Lewis’s cock between his lips. Lewis cannot contain himself. He needs to be inside of the rebellious boy, so he shoves his cock in the boy’s asshole raw, stroking hard until he is ready to explode. He grunts wildly as cum shoots from the tip of his dick. Then, Argos shoots a load all over Lewis’s eager face. “That’s what we’re all about,” President Lewis informs Argos, and the subversive young man could not be more excited.

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