Elder Argos: Sneaking Around the Temple

Argos and Elder Wolf

When Elder Wolf first sees Elder Argos on his first day at the mission, he is smitten. Everything about the boy turns him on. But he knows that he needs to hide his affection. He can’t let anyone suspect that he is interested in other boys - especially at the mission of all places. There is no doubt in his mind that if anyone is to discover his dark secret, he will be kicked out immediately and forced to return home in shame. He cannot let that happen, so he tries to push his feelings down as much as he can. But as the weeks go by, Elder Wolf finds himself drawn to Argos over and over again. It is like there is a magnetic pulse between them. Even when he doesn’t intend it, he somehow ends up alone in some room with Argos trying his hardest not to stare. Every now and then he allows himself the slightest peek at the boy, and when he does, he notices that Argos seems to be looking back. Of course, he isn’t sure. There is no way he will allow himself a long enough look to be caught. Still, he hopes his suspicions are correct. Today, the two boys can’t keep it inside any longer. They meet outside the temple, ostensibly to take a casual walk around the mission grounds and discuss some of the scripture they have been studying, but they soon wander into an abandoned corner of the mission. Once they are alone, they embrace, showering each other in the attention that they have been starving for since their first encounter all those months ago. But even though they have finally revealed themselves to each other, they cannot be caught in the act. So, they decide to steal away into the temple to find a secret place for them to explore each other’s bodies in private. They discover a hidden room within the halls of the sacred temple and make their way inside, holding each other in a loving embrace. Once they are sure they are alone, they kiss passionately, almost unable to stop themselves from pouring out their affection. Wolf has been fantasizing about Argos’s cock and can’t wait any longer to see it. He bends down and unzips the boy’s pants, pulling his hard dick out of his underwear and holding it in his hand. It is even bigger than he dreamed it would be. Elder Wolf gives the hung boy a wet blowjob, making his toes curl in pleasure. Then, he lays on his side and lets Argos bareback his inexperienced hole. As he feels Argos deep in his gut, Wolf cannot contain his moans. The two young missionaries share intense orgams before they start putting their clothes back on. It is going to be difficult for them to pretend nothing ever happened, but they know that it is their only option if they ever want to be alone together again.

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