Elder Argos: Missionary Shower

Argos and Jason Wolf

Ever since their first secret rendez-vous, Elder Wolf has been fantasizing about Elder Argos’s gentle touch. The way he grabbed his hips and pulled his ass towards his body - it drives Wolf crazy just thinking about it. While he is doing his daily prayers, trying to study, or even while he tries to fall asleep...all only thing the young missionary sees in his head is Argos’s handsome face staring back at him. The longer he goes without physical contact with the boy, the more he seems to need it. But Argos will not budge. They see each other in the hallways, and Argos acts like nothing has happened. Wolf would be happier if Argos was ignoring him altogether. At least then, he’d know that something was strange between them. But Argos won’t even go that far. He simply behaves as though everything is normal and that Wolf is just another one of his fellow missionaries. The exchanges are casual, and when Wolf tries to linger a bit longer, to make passionate eye contact with the boy, he receives nothing in return. At first it is annoying. Then, it becomes enraging. And finally, it starts to break young Wolf’s heart. This behavior should not surprise Wolf. If anyone is out of line, it is him. When the Elders had their triste, it was with the understanding that they would not alter their behavior in any way as a result. They would keep the secret by remaining neutral. They would also hold off to have their next sexual encounter so that momentum wouldn’t cause their feelings to run out of control. So, everytime he feels Wolf come near, Argos steels himself against an onslaught of emotion. He has no time to reprimand his peer, so he must turn his cheek to the advances altogether. He wishes it could be different, but he has no intention of risking his place at the mission. It is too important to him. Wolf can’t believe the coldness Argos is capable of. He can’t believe he put his faith in a boy who could act so harshly towards him. But just as Wolf is about to give up on his feelings altogether, Argos makes his move. He comes up behind the broken boy in the bathroom as he brushes his teeth. He walks out of the darkness and wraps his arms around Wolf, holding him as he has wanted to for weeks. At first, Wolf is unsure of what is happening. But as soon as he realizes that it is Argos holding him, he nearly melts. He turns around and embraces the boy before quickly undressing. Then, they collapse into each other. Wolf recalls the tenderness with which Argos entered him the last time they were together, and now he wants to return the favor. He slides his dick into the boy’s tight hole slowly, cherishing every second. Then, he begins to stroke his thick cock inside his buddy’s bubble butt, jackhammering young Wolf into submission until both boys shoot giant loads. Perhaps, Wolf will be able to keep the secret this time…

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