Elder Anderson: Atonement

Marco Napoli and Mason Anderson

Bishop Napoli has developed a revolutionary approach to shepherding the missionary boys under his charge. In the past when missionary boys inevitably gave into temptation and broke the rules of the Order, their transgressions would be met with fierce and swift disciplinary measures. Punishments such as the stretcher were employed to leave a lasting impression on the boys and show that the rules are not to be toyed with. But Napoli doesn’t believe that corporal forms of negative reinforcement are the only way to get through to these young, wayward souls. On the contrary, he is a firm believer in the power of turning mistakes into teachable moments. Today, he puts his unorthodox method of discipline into action with Elder Anderson. The boy has broken the mission rules yet again, giving into his attraction for the boys and men around him. Napoli understands this is a mistake, and like any mistake, it can be made up for. But instead of running Anderson through the usual disciplinary channels, Napoli has been given the greenlight to try out his newly developed method. Anderson walks into a bare room not knowing what to expect. Napoli explains that he is aware of the boy’s sins and he is here to make them right. He hands the boy some heavy copies of scripture. Napoli instructs him to hold them out at his sides. Anderson obeys, feeling the weight of the books as he holds them spreadeagle. Napoli then explains that this lesson is meant to demonstrate the weight of our sins. If Anderson continues to conceal his transgressions and fail to live up to what he has done, he will have to carry the weight of his sins with him through everyday life. It doesn’t take long for Anderson to understand the lesson at hand. He is allowed to put down the books and move onto the repentance stage of Napoli’s program. The broad-shouldered man pulls down his undergarments and exposes his thick, delicious cock. The boy sticks out his tongue and eases the man’s member between his lips. The priest thrusts Anderson’s head all the way down on his cock, jamming it into his throat for an orgasmic deepthroat blowjob. Then, he licks and slobbers the boy’s tight asshole, preparing him for hard penetration. Finally, Napoli slides his raw boner inside the boy’s hungry hole, stroking intensely while he jerks the kid’s cock. Napoli’s method certainly appears productive.

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