President Lewis: Fun Time in Missionary Part 1

President Lewis

Bishop Doves is one of the most stalwart and most desirable members of The Order. To honor his work in guiding young mentowards total obedience and full manhood, President Lewis is happy now to present the bishop with an important lesson in the teachings of The Order. It is that of the Living Sacrifice. The Apostle Paul told the saints to present their bodies as living sacrifices, meaning that they must surrender every want and every wish to the will of their leaders. To help him better understand this deep teaching, Bishop Doves is introduced to one of the most secret members of The Order: the Living Sacrifice himself. He is a boy so irresistible, and so constantly hungry for his leaders’ cock, that he has been taken out of the world forever and is kept in the temple, masked, naked, and never allowed to leave or have contact with the outside world. He exists only to satisfy his priesthood leaders’ desires. He is mindlessly obedient. He spends his life consecrated to sex. And he wears the red Priest Hood because he has been stripped of his identity and his personality. After President Lewis explains to the bishop the significance of the young man’s naked flesh, the two brace themselves, knowing how intoxicating it is to partake in the pleasures only a fresh willing youth can provide. President Lewis runs his hands along the firm muscular body of the masked saint, feeling the divinity in the design of the male physique. He marvels at the young man’s skin, the strength he can feel in the boy’s arms, and the total lack of agency the young man has. Blinded by the Priest Hood, the boy can now take steps in the light that he would otherwise be incapable of. Submitting to unknown external power is the purest way to dive deeper into faith, and as the boy feels the caress of both men’s hands on his body, his trust in them grows absolute. On the other side of the obscured saint, Bishop Doves feels a sensation he has not known for a very long time. He thinks back to when he was serving his own mission, before he knew about The Order, before he was an ordained man. He remembers what it was like to be touched by a strong religious leader for the very first time. He remembers what it meant to be guided by hands far stronger and more experienced than his own. And now, while learning a new lesson, Bishop Doves feels gratitude for the long path that has lead him here. Together, the two men fully expose the young saint’s nakedness, pulling his transparent underwear down and exposing his waiting ass. Spitting and licking, the men lubricate the boy’s hole before unveiling the lower part of his face. With his mouth free, the saint sucks the president’s hard cock while Bishop Doves penetrates his puckering hole. The boy is filled to the brim with pleasure bordering on pain. Out of all the boys in the world, The Order has chosen him, and it is an honor that could never be matched by the honors or riches of the world. The missionary cries out in joy as Doves rams him harder from behind. He splays his legs out and prepares for the man to breed his hole while the president watches, hypnotized. The boy cannot wait to have the very liquid essence of his religious leader planted deep in his stomach. And when the bishop finally climaxes, the semen feels hot and comforting as it swims in the young missionary’s gaping hole. The Bishop has taken another step in his never-ending spiritual education. The Order has once again proven to be an everlasting source of spiritual learning. And the Living Sacrifice has benefited from a further installment of his leaders’ seed, continuing on his path to perfection.

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