President Lee: Sacrament

President Lee

Bishop Davies and President Lee convene in a secret corner of the Temple to discuss one of the new arrivals. Elder Boon has sparked conversation amongst the men of the Order, and Davies and Lee are keen to get in early with the boy. There is a rumor that he is well-endowed, and the men want to see for themselves. But beyond that, Boon has a shroud of secrecy surrounding him. He is one of the few missionary boys who has joined the mission under anonymous circumstances, meaning he has opted not to give any information about his background upon entering the mission. Anonymity is rare amongst the boys. Usually the priests prefer that they understand a boy’s background and who they were before joining the mission, but every now and then a young man will come in without divulging any information at all. Boon is the latest to do so, and President Lee and Bishop Davies could not be more curious. They are not interested in teasing the information out of the boy. They simply want to meet the kind of young man who would choose to preserve such a mysterious aura. They discuss their approach. “The best way to discover the inner workings of a missionary boy,” Davies states calmly, “is to approach them externally.” Lee is on the same page. He too believes that opening a boy physically is the fastest way to his heart. So, the two make a pact. They will do their best to make the boy have an intense orgasm so that his mind will loosen. Then, and only then will he let his guard down enough to allow his personality to shine through, and that will allow Davies and Lee to discover his true nature. The men surround the boy, savoring every inch of his silky skin. They caress him lovingly and show him affection that Boon could have never anticipated. The boy closes his eyes and tries to focus in on the pleasure without losing control. Suspicion starts to fill him up, but the longer he stays in the presence of these horny men, the more their lust overpowers his mind. Soon, he can taste cock and feel it enter him. It fills him with intense pleasure that floods his senses until he cannot take it any longer. Finally, he erupts, spewing sperm from his boner and letting out a side of him he hoped to keep secret.

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