Elder Zachary: Missionary Journal

Xavier Ryan

Elder Zachary went into a panic! He searched all over his room and couldn’t find his camcorder. He thought he’d put it away with his biking equipment and P-day stuff, but it was nowhere to be found. He normally wouldn’t be so concerned about not being able to find one of his belongings. He may have otherwise even assumed Elder Ingles had borrowed it. But this was special. Sensitive. Not only was the camera itself pretty expensive, it had very damning content on it. Namely the sex tape of him and his companion! A couple days went by and he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t bring it up to Elder Ingles, fearing that his companion would get angry at him. So instead, he kept quietly nervous, hoping that it would turn up. His nerves were shaken when President Lee asked to see him privately in the temple. He’d had very few interactions with the president and none by himself. He knew him to be a tough as nails, square-jawed man who looked like he belonged leading a military squadron rather than a group of missionaries. And if anyone on his mission or the brethren  found the tape, he’d be in big trouble! Zachary was led into the basement of the temple where it was dark and away from everyone else. He stood tall, looking around to see what might happen. President Lee came in, holding his camcorder, and set it down on a nearby table. Crap! I’m screwed, Elder Zachary said to himself. His body shook as he awaited his fate, waiting for President Lee to punish him and send him away. Instead, without much in the way of pleasantries or discussion, the older man immediately began to remove the boy’s clothes. It was terrifying for Elder Zachary. Was this it? Was he being punished? Everything was still incredibly new and unpredictable. He didn’t know what was the Order and what was his mission. As the older man tugged at his shirt buttons and tie, working his way over him, the young missionary knew only one thing for sure: he was starting to get turned on. The idea of being overpowered and dominated by older men was becoming more and more powerful as he progressed through the Order. The way that President Lee was taking advantage of him and controlling him was triggering a deep urge within him that he couldn’t control. And the chiseled physique and handsome face of the man only intensified his reaction. Once he was down to his garments, President Lee surprised the horny boy with something… a blindfold. Zachary watched as his view of the dark space disappeared and he was left with just his other senses. He listened carefully, hoping to gleam what might be coming next. Lee then took the boy’s hands behind his back and tied them together with a soft, thick cord. He was trapped. He had nowhere to go and no way out. He felt a different kind of intensity build inside him this time. It was fear. “Kneel,” President Lee said to him. It was the first word he’d uttered since he came into the room. In the dark void, it nearly echoed. Zachary got down on his knees as his heart raced, not sure if he was more terrified of his uncertain fate or excited for more of the man’s dominance. President Lee put his hands over the boy’s body, feeling up and around his chest and stomach, moving under his garments to feel the boy’s smooth skin, sensitive nipples, and even down to his genitals. He wrapped his strong, muscled hand around the boy’s hard cock, squeezing it firmly to gauge the boy’s excitement. Even without this test, he could tell the boy was completely aroused. Elder Zachary’s breathing was hot and heavy, his skin slightly perspired as his mind flooded with mixed emotions of fear and sex. As Lee’s hands moved around his cock, feeling his swollen shaft and heavy, aching balls, Zachary couldn’t help but move his head around in breathy frustration, as if he could somehow see or hear more if he moved around. When Lee could tell he had Zachary right where he wanted him--on the edge of desperation--he pulled himself away. He watched as the boy’s body moved with his retreating hand, like a gravitational pull from his power. Elder Zachary felt it, too. The subconscious desire to stay connected to him. He couldn’t see him or find him and he knew his precarious situation depended on what President Lee would do with him. In the absence of his touch, he found himself wanting to cry out for him to come back, to have any sense of comfort to say where the man was. He wasn’t just in a state of submission, he was possessed. In the void, Elder Zachary could hear the familiar sounds of clothing rustling and falling. A pattern of metal clunking and thudding with the ground made him realize that President Lee was undressing. Never more had he wished for his sight, knowing the handsome man was naked just a couple feet from him. Were his hands not bound, he might even be able to touch him. “Lean forward,” Lee said to him again. The second time he’d heard his voice. Not sure what to do, Zachary pushed his head forward, bringing it gently onto the floor in front of him. His arms rested on the back of his hips as his ass rose in the air to accommodate his new position. He felt a level of vulnerability he’d not felt since he was first tied to the chair by Bishop Hart. Only this time, not only was his hole open and exposed to this handsome stranger, but he wouldn’t be able to see him coming. It was then that true silence began. Without the rustle of fabric to mark the man’s movements, Elder Zachary lost all sense of where he was. The fear he’d felt before began to rise up. It fogged his senses, making it even harder for him to intuit where the older man stood. It felt like an eternity passed before he got any sense of clarity. And that did not come from a sound, but from a feeling. A warm, slick liquid poured down his butt crack, dripping over his hole and down to his hanging balls. He wasn’t sure what it was until a hand followed that stream and massaged his backside. President Lee had taken a pool of oil and ran it over Zachary’s hole, watching closely as it clenched and reacted to the sensation of being warm, wet, and touched. Elder Zachary then felt a heavy, thick object fall onto his oiled sphincter. He didn’t know what it was at first, but as it moved across his opening, he could feel the warm, smooth, muscular thighs of President Lee meet his body from behind. The object he felt was clearly the massive cock of the handsome man, fully erect and resting on his hole. Zachary struggled with himself, wanting to see and touch him. Behind him stood one of the most handsome men he’d ever seen, completely naked and hard and positioned behind him to fuck him... and yet, all he could do was rest his head on the floor and wait. The anticipation drove him crazy. But at the same time, he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop it, to fight back, to even slow down if necessary. He was completely at the hard man’s mercy. And he knew: this was his punishment. The price for the video. For having sex. He would have to pay. With this, his fear rose again. Were it not for the events of a few days, he’d still be a virgin, completely inexperienced and unprepared for how to handle a fuck like this. As his mind raced with what might happen, President Lee moved his cock down to the boy’s hole, pressing the head against the sphincter, feeling how incredibly tight it was. Zachary’s fear seemed to cause it to shrink in size, fighting instinctively to keep the older man out. But in the state he was in Zachary’s nervous subconscious could only resist for so long. Between the man’s cock and the boy’s own desperate desire to be fucked and bred, the inner voice of his nervous body had no chance of winning. Within seconds, the powerful force of Lee’s cock melted away the boy’s defenses, opening him up slowly, little by little, until the head of his member found its way inside...

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