Elder Star: The Interview

President Oaks and Oliver Star

“You never have sexual thoughts?” President Oaks poses to young Elder Star. But Star doesn’t budge. “No,” he answers, “never.” Oaks is puzzled. As far as he can tell, Star is telling the truth, and Oaks’s reads are almost always accurate. The man is known for his uncanny ability to see into the souls of the young missionaries and decipher all of their lies and deceit. He understands that it all wrapped up in fear, shame and anguish, so he doesn’t take the lying personally. He simply wants to cut through it so he can help the missionary boys become the best servants they can be. It is all part of the program for Oaks. But as he looks into Star’s eyes, he sees no dishonesty. How can a boy be so chaste, so pure as to never have sexual fantasies about anyone? Inside, he is even a little hurt. Oaks has taken a special interest in Star and was sure that the boy felt some sort of attraction towards him. But he fights this instinct. It’s only vanity, he reminds himself, one of his greatest flaws. And he won’t let that nasty tendency come to head. He must focus on the task at hand and test Elder Star’s resolve. The boy’s body will reveal the truth about his desires. Oaks tries an unusual method, binding the boy’s wrists together with his tie, before making his way to the young man’s crotch. He grabs hold of Star’s penis and feels it grow under his palms. Just as he suspects, the boy doesn’t take long to grow hard as stone. Star’s feelings of lust have clearly been relegated to the subconscious. He may not know they are there, but his body feels the need for a man’s touch. Oaks gives the boy what he wants, feeding him his supple dick. Then, he slips his throbbing cock in the missionary’s tender hole, stroking mercilessly as the kid cries out in exultation. Oaks has done it again.

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