Elder Star: Bonds of Brotherhood

Elder Star: Bonds of Brotherhood

Oliver Star , Bill Farnsworth and Chase Daniels

Elder Star and Elder Daniels have been inseparable since they’ve met each other at the Order. They’ve formed a friendship that few others will ever experience. In fact, people around the mission have come to believe that they have known each other for years. But contrary to popular belief, the boys have only been familiar with each other for a matter of months. There is just something between them that has created a sense of closeness neither can explain. It is like they have met their soulmate in each other. They are twin flames. It could be that they both grew up as only children. They were lonely and always hoped to find a companion that they could share every secret with. And now that they’ve found each other, they complete each other. They keep each other’s confidences, and they help each other as much as they can. They even help each other stay out of trouble when possible. And after a while, the friendship has blossomed into a passionate romance. The boys can’t keep their eyes off of each other in the halls of the mission. President Oaks has been impressed with how well the boys have adhered to the rules of the Order, and he believes that having two young men with such a strong bond would be a huge asset to the organization. Showing young men what a true bond looks like is important in teaching them how to serve properly. So, after a long journey, Star and Daniels are greeted into the Order with open arms by silver-haired President Oaks. The boys look at each other with eyes beaming as the man offers them his hard cock. They take turns worshipping his rod with their mouths. Then the boys climb on top of the man’s girthy member and bounce as she moans in sensuous delight. Together, Star and Daniels will make the perfect team.

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