Elder Solano: Atonement

Greg McKeon and Cayden Solano

Ever since the new method of punishment was implemented, President Manwaring has been eager to try it out. While he is usually an advocate of more stiff forms of corporal punishment, he is pleased to deploy a more psychological means of getting to the boys. He is curious to see how it will work on a boy like Elder Solano. The young man is bigger than his fellow missionaries, and he is known for being particularly strong and able when it comes to physical activity. There are even rumors that he has braved feats like those required by the infamous Stretcher before just for his amusement. So there is a good chance that any physical punishment would prove to meager for the boy. Thus, Manwaring employs the new technique. He greets Solano in a blacked-out room. A sense of isolation fills the boy’s mind. There is no one to ask for help except his disciplinarian, President Manwaring. Manwaring puts on a friendly face, treating the session as though it is a relatively casual affair. He is Solano’s friend, trying to make sure that he keeps himself on the righteous path towards the Priesthood. But then, he instructs the boy to hold out his arms, holding up large textbooks that represent his sins. Before long, Solano will be unable to support the books, showing him the weight and burden of unrepented transgression. Once the psychological portion of the session is taken care of, Manwaring moves onto the sexual. He must imprint the lessons via a more hands-on learning device. He strips the boy’s clothes and bends him over, slurping his tight hole as the young man gasps in shock. The boy licks and kisses Manwarings curved, stiff cock, covering his rod in dripping saliva. Then, he takes a raw anal pummeling that sense waves of pain and pleasure through his toned body. Elder Solano may have slipped up, but this intimate session is sure to set his mind right as he moves forward with his journey towards the higher ranks of the Order. And as far as Manwaring is concerned, he is a believer in the new technique. He can’t wait to use it again!

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