Elder Packer: Ordination

Elder Packer and President Lee

It is a special day for Elder Packer. He is one step closer to joining the high priesthood after months of grueling tests, interviews, and rituals. Never has he experienced anything so intense, and never has he found himself so close to mental and physical collapse. Despite being given the opportunity to live some of his wildest fantasies with the strikingly handsome men of The Order, the boy is exhausted. Having to be constantly on guard and making sure one is always upholding the values that make a good missionary boy is a difficult task. Perhaps he is not built for it. Maybe Elder Packer simply does not have the stamina to push through to the end of his journey. But the closer he gets to joining The Order, the harder Packer pushes. He cannot give up now. It would only prove his doubters right. They always claimed that Packer would quit when the going got tough. When it came to team sports back in school, Packer was always picked last. He was considered weak by the other boys, and he was laughed at and teased on a regular basis. Little did the boys know, Packer was waging a private war within himself. He couldn’t admit that he found the other young men attractive. He avoided it so much that he wouldn’t even allow himself to get physically close to them. That is why he didn’t excel at sports – not because he was a quitter or he wasn’t tough enough, but because he was afraid of his own feelings. President Lee senses this pain in Elder Packer, and he identifies with it. Usually, Lee can be tough. He’s the strong silent type and he doesn’t like to cater to the boys’ needs too much. He believes that pampering the missionaries will soften them up. “It leads to callousness and an anemic sense of duty and responsibility,” he tells the other men when they conference. But somehow, young Packer penetrates a part of Lee that he seldom lets out. His empathy for the boy is too strong for him to keep up his cold front. As soon as he sees the missionary’s beautiful curly hair and sad eyes, he takes the boy into his arms to protect him from the world. Packer strips, revealing his pale complexion to the muscular priest. Lee runs his fingers along the boy’s shaft, making it stiff in the palm of his hands. Then, he slips it between his wet lips, giving the boy a sensual blowjob as his own cock grows harder and harder. He sticks his fingers in the boy’s asshole, loosening him up for penetration. His mind begins to race as he imagines dipping his cock into the boy’s hole, feeling the tight hold around his shaft and stroking wildly inside. Lee can tell how excited the man is and it fills him with pleasure. Finally, someone appreciates him for who he is. He no longer has to hide in President Lee’s presence. And as the strong man fucks him passionately, the boy accepts himself more than ever

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