Elder Packer: New Recruit

Elder Rim and Elder Packer

While the men of The Order usually keep a very strict and authoritative air about themselves while interacting with the youngmissionaries, every now and then they take the time to show the boys that there is fun to be had in servicing the priesthood. This is why President Lewis has been charged with putting Elder Packer, a new missionary boy, through a bit of hazing with strapping Elder Rim. Rim has proven to be one of the standouts of the missionaries, and this is the perfect opportunity to indoctrinate him further by fostering some light-hearted camaraderie between him and Lewis. President Lewis explains that in order to initiate Elder Packer, he and Rim will sneak into the bathroom while Packer showers to fool around with his lithe body. Elder Rim is more than up to the task, not only because he knows he must do whatever is asked of him in order to please the priesthood, but also because he has had a keen eye on Packer since he first met the boy. There is something about the kid’s beautiful curly hair and porcelain skin that makes Rim’s cock grow, and now that he has been given Lewis’s permission to have some intimate fun with the boy, he realizes it is an opportunity he has to take full advantage of. He and President Lewis creep into the shower while Elder Packer lathers his long, thick shaft with soap. They examine his penis, comparing it to Rim’s extra girthy cock, and wondering how big it will get once it is erect. To test it out, President Lewis has Rim spread the boy's cheeks and guide him into sitting on Lewis’s stiff dick. All the while, he films the action with a camcorder he has brought along. Packer rides Lewis’s penis, feeling his hard rod penetrate deeper and deeper into his sore hole with every pump. And while he loves the attention he is getting from his fellow missionary and his favorite priest, he is unsure of whether he is doing an ample job of pleasing them. Is his lack of experience showing, he wonders? Rim doesn’t seem to think so, and the longer they spend in the shower with Packer, the more he finds himself attracted to the boy. He cannot wait to shove his fat cock inside Packer’s butt, and as soon as Lewis commands him to do so, his body becomes inflamed with passion. He takes his hard dong in his hand and crams it into Packer’s tight hole, filling him to the brim with his throbbing boner. Then, he thrusts aggressively, giving Packer a peek into what his path towards The Order will look like. This is the first of many ass poundings Packer can expect, and Rim wants to make sure it is one he will never forget. As Rim strokes away, Lewis cannot help but look on with pride and awe at the young man’s stamina and sexual vigor. Rim is a star, and Lewis cannot wait to welcome him into The Order when his time comes.

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