Elder Madden: Interview

President Oaks and Jace Madden

Elder Madden has been making waves with every passing day. With his beautiful blonde hair, his masculine presence, and his toned physique, it’s hard for his fellow missionaries to keep their cool around him. The men of the Order have heard of his effect on his companions, and they too have taken notice. Oaks in particular craves the boy’s body. Perhaps because he reminds him of himself when he was younger. Athletic, tall, strong, and with an undeniable charisma that attracts men from miles around. When all these factors come together in one youthful package, it is a powerful force to behold. So, as Oaks interviews the boy, he must work extra hard to keep his excitement to himself. Any sign of favoritism or lust can blow the boy’s head up before he’s even taken his first steps towards the higher ranks of the Order. There is nothing worse than a servant who thinks he’s too good to serve, and breeding that kind of mentality must be avoided at all costs. Oaks knows this, so he keeps an even, calm demeanor as he talks to the boy. He asks him if he’s ever had to suppress any of his urges and is impressed with Madden’s honesty. But when he finally asks if the boy has had any urges towards him, he can’t hold his hunger back any longer. He puts his hand on the boy’s thigh, inviting him to break the barrier of touch. Then, he ties the boy’s wrists together in a chair. The boy watches helplessly as Oaks disrobes and prepares to stretch the missionary’s hole with his meaty cock. Madden has never had an experience like this before - he’s only ever fantasized about it. But now that it’s happening, he’s both excited and intimidated. It’s not until Oaks is pounding his asshole that he releases his inhibitions and allows the pleasure to overcome him. It’s his honor to be bred by the famous President Oaks.

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