Elder Inaki: The Interview

President Lewis and Elder Inaki

Something about Elder Inaki raises questions for President Lewis. He has heard that the boy has an innocence rarely seen in the halls of the mission, that he is one of the truly pure ones, a young man who doesn’t seem to have any of the sexual yearnings that some of his peers do. But President Lewis does not quite believe that Inaki is perfectly pure. He believes that even the most prudish of young missionaries harbors an overwhelming desire to serve the men of The Order sexually. Today, President Lewis gets his shot at proving that he is right about Inaki. He usually does not like to enter ceremonial rituals with a bias already in mind, but he views Inaki’s interview as an experiment. If the boy truly is as pure as he is rumored to be, then there will be no problem with Lewis’s bias. The missionary will withstand every test and show no inclination towards sexual interaction of any kind. But if the boy is simply repressing his deeper desires, then it will all be worth it. Perhaps a little aggression is in order to shake Inaki out of his false piety. Lewis informs the boy that he will be conducting a personal worthiness interview on him. The boy looks at him with a placid expression. He has nothing to hide. This only makes Lewis more determined. He asks the boy directly if he has any impure thoughts. The boy answer simply: no. There is no hesitation and no need for him to justify his answer further. Inaki clearly believes what he is saying. This surprises Lewis. At the very least, Inaki truly feels that he is pure of mind. Moving onto the next question, Lewis hones in on Inaki’s sexuality. He asks the boy if he ever has sexual thoughts. Again, Inaki answers with a forthcoming, “no.” This is where Lewis decides to make inroads on the boy’s psyche. He tells the young man that he will test whether he is sexually attracted to other men. He will no longer consult Inaki’s mind, only his body. In order to do so, he ties the boys hands behind his back and then pulls up his white undershirt. He slowly unhooks the boy’s belt as his breathing gets heavier. Suddenly, Inaki is not so sure of himself anymore. And as Lewis runs his tongue over the head of the boy’s cock, the young man is shocked to feel his dick getting so hard. Lewis can sense the boy coming to his breaking point. If he goes any further, Inaki will surely give in to his sexual desires. He almost feels guilty for showing the boy that he was wrong about his own purity, but it is a leap all missionaries must make. He shoves his cock down the young man’s throat with no remorse. The boy will learn that sexual servitude is one of the highest forms of loyalty to The Order. The president pounds the boy from behind and creampies his sweet hole, knowing that he is doing the good work of the priesthood by exposing the young missionary to his true self.

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