Elder Garner: Atonement

Bishop Napoli and Elder Garner

Thus far, Elder Garner has been relegated to the less experienced priests of the Order because of his utter lack of sexual experience. Before joining the mission, Garner had never ventured to even touch another person in a sexual way. However, since entering the halls of the mission, Garner’s appetite for erotic encounters has only grown. His first time meeting one-on-one with a priest made a definite impression on him, and he now wants to experience the touch of a more seasoned man. Today, he is matched with one of the most renowned priests in the mission, Bishop Napoli. He has heard so many things at this point, that Napoli’s cock is incredibly thick and his figure makes him look like an action figure of some sort. But hearing is never as good as experiencing it firsthand. Garner is no longer satisfied to contain his sexuality to fantasy. He wants to manifest his desires in his everyday life, and he refuses to be shy any longer. He meets Napoli for his Atonement. He has to repent for his sins of lustfulness, but all the while, he anticipates the priest’s cock plunging into his hungry asshole. He has been craving the man’s touch for days, weeks even, and simply being in the room with the strong figure is enough to make his cock stiff as a rock. Finally, he feasts his eyes on the man’s rod and does his best to please. He offers himself as a tribute, letting Napoli have his way with his body. And even as Napoli strictly whips him with a leather strap after making him wear a disciplinary leash and collar, he is willing to follow the man to the ends of the earth. Ultimately, his orgasm creates a loyalty and bond that cannot be broken. Garner will serve forever.

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