Elder Dial: Ordination

President Lee

President Lee has been keeping track of his fellow priests vigilantly for months – ever since he started to notice the subtle shift in the Order’s philosophy. The rules that he has always held dear seem to mean less and less to the Elders and even the priests themselves. It seems that some of the more liberal priests have taken it upon themselves to introduce a new era of sexual contact between the older and younger members of the mission. President Lee has kept his mouth shut on the matter, but that does not mean he is devoid of opinion. The man has a strong respect for tradition and structure. Long before his days as an Elder, he was a teenager who liked to get dressed up in his school uniform, report to class five minutes early, and offer only the utmost respect to the authority figures around him. His father was a stern man, and he picked up his sense of discipline from him. He watched the man work diligently as an auto mechanic for years, making sure to always give a fair quote and do an honest day’s work. That ethic and responsibility sunk into Lee. During his military years, he kept up the same kind of commitment to following the rules. He had already realized he had secret feelings towards the men around him, but he made sure never to make them known. He felt it was his duty to suppress his sexual urges. It wasn’t until after he left the military that he finally began to explore his attraction to men. He found that being a priest and guiding young boys towards the guiding light of the Order was the perfect opportunity for him to pass on a sense of discipline and duty to the next generation. So, while some of the other men of the Order have thrown tradition to the dogs, communing with boys outside of ordained rituals, and allowing the Elders to live out their fantasies among themselves, President Lee is determined to stick to the old ways. He believes in the Order’s principles, and when he walks Elder Dial through his Ordination ceremony, he follows protocol to a tee. Lee says close to nothing to the boy. He gives him the ritualistic kiss and then runs his hands over the young man’s chiseled abs. Soon, he feels his cock grow hard in his pants, and he begins to undress the boy. He pulls Dial’s undergarments down and then peels off his own suit. Dial bends down to give President Lee head. Then, he spreads his legs and lets the man lick his sweet hole to ready him for penetration. Finally, the moment of union comes, and Lee slips his raw cock into the boy’s eager hole. He strokes inside him and brings him closer and closer to a climax. Finally, he shoots a load of warm cum from his fat cock and brings the ritual to its proper end.

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