Elder Dial: Dispensation

President Lewis , Elder Packer and Elder Dial

Lately, President Lewis has found himself succumbing to temptation more and more often. While he has always been a man of great emotion, in the past he has managed to contain it, maintaining a façade of stoicism when walking the halls of the mission. But something has changed, and everyone can tell. Lewis seems unhinged, unable to suppress the animal instinct within him. Lust exudes from every pore of his being. Even when he does not open his mouth at all, he seems to be communicating his desire to stick his dick in every young missionary he comes across. The men of the Priesthood find this type of behavior unbecoming. If Lewis can’t keep it together, he may have to answer to the Order directly. But some of the members find Lewis’s newfound candor refreshing. Why should the men be forced to wear such staunch displays of cold indifference all the time? Perhaps this is a new era for the Order, one in which the priests can show the missionary’s what they truly feel and think. This could simply be a changing of the guard, and Lewis could be unwittingly leading the charge. Either way, Lewis’s impulsivity has not gone unnoticed by the boys of the mission. Talk of his wild activity - cornering missionaries in the shower and capturing the unauthorized sessions on video – has circulated amongst the boys, and they are unsure how to feel about it. Some of the young men are frightened by what they hear. If the Order does not abide by their own rules, how can they be trusted? But still, others are excited by the news. Lewis is one of the more popular priests and knowing that he has let his inner animal loose stirs intense passion in the loins of his many admirers. Elder Dial and Elder Packer are boys who have long kept their eyes fixed on President Lewis’s every move. They have been waiting for their chance to be alone with the man for weeks, and today they finally get their opportunity. As Lewis conducts their Dispensation ritual, the boys can tell that the rumors are true. The man clearly has something else on his mind as he chants the sacred words of the ritual. As a result, Dial and Packer can barely keep their eyes off the bulge in his pants. This is the consequence, Lewis thinks. The boys can only think of sex. Finally, the man can no longer hold his urges back. He collapses into the arms of the boys, who embrace him eagerly. They undress and turn around, lining up on the couch next to each other, offering their tight, juicy holes to the ravenous priest. Lewis starts by plowing Packer raw as Dial looks on in amazement. He grunts wildly as he fucks deep into the boy, filling his gut with a giant load of cum. But this does not fully satisfy the man’s large appetite. Within moments, he is already thinking of his next conquest…

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