Elder Dean: The Interview

President Oaks and Elder Dean

Elder Dean has been on President Oaks’s radar for months. Oaks knows his type – a sturdy, broad-shouldered boy who seems to have everything. At home, he has loyal friends, a loving girlfriend, and adoring parents. At school he gets top marks and is one of the more popular kids. But inside, he is avoiding a secret part of himself that he refuses to admit to anyone. His attraction for men started long ago, and the more he tries to suppress it, the more it seems to rise to the surface. No matter what Elder Dean does, he cannot deny his true feelings. Oaks can relate. He too had a picture-perfect life when he was younger. The handsome man had every girl around him swooning, and that made him the envy of all of his classmates. He was seen as the lady’s man, the playboy, a guy who could have whatever and whoever he wanted. He was a good student, an athlete, and seemingly had all his ducks in a row. But all along, he could never get his mind off one particular boy. A blonde boy who had the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen. He spent his entire high school career dreaming about his friend, but never dared to make any advance. Then, the night before senior prom, the two of them got together to smoke cigarettes outside of the school gym. That night, the boy looked more gorgeous than ever, as the street lights flashed in his eyes. Finally, just as Oaks was about to get up the courage to try to kiss the boy, his friend made a move towards him. Oaks was shocked. He couldn’t believe that his friend had been keeping this secret from him all along. Perhaps it was the sheer shock of it all, but he instinctively pulled away from the boy, acting as though he was disgusted. Oaks never saw his friend after that day, but the regret still burns inside him. He feels that regret anew whenever he watches young Elder Dean roaming the halls of the mission. The boy has the same slow gait, the same repressed air that he had when he was younger. He knows that if he gets his hands on the young man, he will be able to help him free the secret part of him. This is Oaks’s second chance, and he is not going to let it slip through his fingers. He interviews the boy extensively before pulling down his pants. Dean’s cock stands stiff, as Oaks wraps his fingers around the base of his shaft. He teases the boy until he can’t take it any longer. Then, the handsome priest shoves his cock inside the hungry kid’s mouth, poking the back of his throat with it. Then, he slides inside Dean’s inexperienced hole, fucking him sensually until he shoots his load deep in the boy’s gut. All the while, Dean feels as though he’s been living a dream. He just doesn’t realize whose dream it is…

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