Elder Dean: Disciplinary Action

Oliver Dean and Jason Lenox

Elder Dean is an innocent, sweet-faced boy, but below the surface, he knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. He is like a heat-seeking missile, going straight for his goals, even if it takes him the roundabout route. From the moment he steps foot in the mission, he knows that he will join the ranks of the high priesthood. And if that means playing dumb and feigning like he is just another innocent kid ready to be plucked from purity and bred by the high priests, he is willing to do that. Up to this point, he has played the roll perfectly. However, even the best players sometimes get caught breaking the rules, and that is exactly what happens to Elder Dean. He is caught sneaking around and fooling around with other boys on mission grounds, and just as he expects, he is brought in for some intense, disciplinary action. However, he is prepared for this kind of thing. He has studied up on what the Order does to boys who step out of line, asking his peers who have been punished what they had to go through as well as reading up on mission literature. He knows every trick in the priests’ book, and prepares for each one individually. There is even a part of Dean that welcomes the punishment. He believes that if he is able to prove that he can easily withstand whatever the Order throws at him, it will demonstrate that he has what it takes to join the upper ranks. So, as he steps into the darkened room to receive his punishment from Bishop Davies, Dean is calm and ready. His confidence has never been higher. But Dean has not calculated everything perfectly. He does not realize that Bishop Davies is a new school priest, one who has new methods of punishment geared directly towards subversive boys like him. In fact, Dean has underestimated the Order altogether. He thought he had them figured out, but they were watching his every move all along. Dean, like so many boys before him, has been outsmarted by the all-seeing eye of the Order. To the boy’s shock, Bishop Davies wraps his fingers around his throat and squeezes, choking him as the punishment begins. Davies bends the boy over his knee and pulls his pants downs, slapping his bare ass until it is red and raw. He reveals a crystal rod and shoves it into the boy’s tight hole, letting every inch fill Dean’s butt. Finally, after the punishment is complete, he watches Dean jerk his own cock gently. The boy works and works under Davies’s close watch, hoping that he pleases the stern man. Finally, he brings himself to climax, covering his sculpted body in dripping semen.

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