Elder Dean: Anointing

Mason Dean and Jesse Zeppelin

A sharp, sensitive mind is exalted, praised, sought after, but the body is the most important element when it comes to a missionary boy. Bishop Jesse knows this, and Elder Dean seems to be aware as well. It’s not a question of staying in shape, eating healthy, and working out. The presentation of a beautiful body for the men of the Order starts from within. A glow emanates from the missionary who is sound in mind and body, and is easily identifiable by one of the seasoned men of the Order. In Bishop Jesse’s case, he can see it right away as Elder Dean joins him for his Anointing. Dean has been a priest favorite for a while. He doesn’t say much, he learns the rules and follows them. There’s no back and forth with him, no analysis. Some have even begun to think he doesn’t have the capacity for critical thought on that level. But Bishop Jesse understands Elder Dean. It’s not that he can’t pick apart a set of rules and analyze it for himself. It’s just not in his nature to do so. The boy is obedient through and through, and he believes the word of the Order. Why would he go against truth? As Bishop Jesse pulls the boy close, he can feel his heart beat in his chest. He’s been waiting for the day that the strong man would finally give him the attention he’s been hoping for. If there’s one priest he’s had his eye on, it’s Bishop Jesse. With his huge bulge and his confident attitude, the man always manages to conjure a boner from the boy. And soon he plugs the boy’s asshole with his thick shaft, stretching his rim until he is ready to blow his top. Elder Dean can’t wait to serve again.

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