Elder Brier: Atonement

Elder Brier: Atonement

Hayden Brier

Elder Brier is relatively new to his mission, and he is still learning the ropes. But as he has spent more and more time underthe guidance and care of the men of the Order, President Lewis has repeatedly made himself an approachable figure to the young boy. That is why Brier is so surprised when he finally shares his first private meeting with the boy. Instead of the kind, welcoming Lewis he has become accustomed to, he finds a hard, stern man who seems highly concerned with Brier’s state of purity. Lewis asks over and over whether the boy understands the Law of Chastity, its significance, and what it entails. And while Brier knows that these questions must be coming from a place of suspicion, he has no idea what to do but lie. Yes, he has kept himself pure. But as these fraudulent words leave his lips, Lewis senses the deceit immediately. In fact, before Brier even opens his mouth, he knows the boy will lie – and it is precisely because of how open the two have been with each other previous to this Interview. Lewis has observed the boy from day one and understands the way he thinks. Brier finds himself fearful of this intimate knowledge. Soon, Lewis declares that he must perform a test to verify whether Brier is revealing the full truth about his purity. He makes the boy lift his shirt and then stuffs the boy’s tie into his mouth. Then, he reaches his hands down over the young man’s chiseled abs and into the waistband of his white pants. He wraps his fingers around the boy’s shaft and plays with it vigorously until he feels it become hard in his hand. This is the first step to demonstrating to the boy that the Order will always know if he has impure thoughts. They will also always be able to decipher whether he has acted on those thoughts without their direct permission. Brier knows he has been caught, and he is willing to do whatever it takes for President Lewis to allow him to stay on his mission. He watches the man bend to his knees to put his mouth all over his prick and slowly realizes that this is part of his test. He is unsure of how to react, but as Lewis runs his wet lips and searching tongue over the boy’s member, Brier can hardly hold back his ecstasy. He holds the man’s head as it bobs on his cock, and he wonders how he has gone so long without experiencing Lewis’s touch. Perhaps Lewis was never disappointed at all and only wanted an excuse to sample his penis. Regardless, these are not things that Brier expects to discover the answers to. And soon, his mind clears as Lewis brings him to the climax of his life. Brier jerks his own cock as Lewis kneels before him, spraying hot semen into the priest’s waiting mouth. And as the older man licks the boy’s cock clean afterwards, he has never been so satisfied to have his questions left unanswered.

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