Elder Bar: The Gift

Elder Bar: The Gift

Joel Someone , Marco Napoli and Cameron Basinger

It had been a while since anyone heard from Elder Bar. The boy seemed to disappear out of the blue. No one was sure why or how he left the mission, but everyone felt his absence. And when he finally returned weeks after disappearing, he never answered anyone’s questions. It was like he was hiding something mischievous and dirty from his friends and authority figures. There was simply no getting through to him. Even his most trusted companions had no idea what went on. But as it turns out, there was not much to tell. In reality, Elder Bar just needed a break. He wasn’t used to all the attention that he was getting at the mission. It seemed like everyone was gunning for him, to take their turn with his incredible body. He started feeling like he had to work out twice, even three times a day just to keep up the high standards that he set for himself. Everyone wanted a piece of him, and he wasn’t going to disappoint with a less than stellar sexual performance, so he had to work extra hard to keep every inch of his body in tip top shape. All the pressure seemed to get to his head. There was no one he could turn to because everyone seemed to be equally infatuated by his physicality. He didn’t take pride in the attraction, it simply became a fact of life, one that he couldn’t avoid even if he wanted to. He started to feel like a piece of meat, like he was less of a person because all anyone could see was his handsome face and tight body. Even if this excited him at first, being objectified and used for his physical assets, it soon became tiresome. What can a boy do when the ultimate pleasures lose their charm? Now that he has returned, things have turned around for Elder Bar. He keeps his regimen of two workouts a day and has no problem looking a horny priest in the eye and offering him a seductive exchange. In fact, suddenly, he has rediscovered his enjoyment of the whole process. No one can be sure what happened while he was out on leave, but his attitude has completely turned around. President Lewis has taken notice of the change, so he wants to gift his esteemed colleague Bishop Napoli with the opportunity to experience the rejuvenated Elder Bar’s perfect body for himself. He leads the blindfolded boy to the hulking priest, presenting him as a trophy of sorts. Napoli wastes no time in getting down to the business of pleasure. He strips naked and shoves his rock hard boner between the boy’s lips. Then, he works inside the gorgeous kid’s asshole as President Lewis watches the bareback anal pummeling unfold. Finally, the ceremony ends with Napoli feeding the boy hot cum. Bar is back!

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