Elder Awbride: The Calling

President Oaks and Adam Awbride

Elder Awbride is one of the more innocent boys at the mission. His only ambition is to toe the line and make it through without being noticed. He comes from a long line of rule followers. His stepfather, his stepgrandfather - they instilled values of discipline and obedience in the boy. That is why it was so difficult for Awbride when he found out that he was different from the other kids at school. He thought liking boys was against the rules, so he didn’t tell anyone about it for years. He never even allowed himself to develop a crush on another boy, even though he found himself interested in many. When he finally decided to start his mission, Awbride hoped that he would find meaning in structure. The mission had a reputation of rigid rules and that was attractive to the young man. He saw the way boys left after completing their missions - their heads held high with a sense of self-respect that they simply didn’t have before. This is exactly what Awbride believes he needs in his life. With all the secrets and all the suppression, he believes that just a bit more obedience and discipline could help him live a life within the lines. Awbride will do anything to be a good boy. President Oaks can sense the confusion bubbling within Awbride as soon as he gets in a room with him. There is no question the boy has been masking his identity for years, and it’s obvious he has an incredible amount of shame attached to his desires towards other men. Oaks feels for the boy, as he remembers what it was like to feel those sensations for the first time. But to fulfill his duty as a member of The Order, Oaks cannot yet show Awbride that he sympathizes with him. He must be cold and commanding and administer an air of authority. Luckily, this is exactly what Awbride wants. Oaks approaches the boy and makes him disrobe, watching as he strips to his undergarments. Then, he makes the boy kneel and rub his face on his hard cock. Awbride is shocked at Oaks’s audacity, but he makes sure to obey every one of his demands. He feels a huge sense of relief as he buries his face in the man’s crotch, indulging in his scent and touch with reckless abandon. Finally, he can fulfill his lustful needs while following the rules of an authority figure. Soon, Awbride strips and makes his way to Oaks’s desk. He arches his back and bends over the desk, letting Oaks enter him from behind. The older man penetrates the boy’s tight hole, sliding his cock deeper and deeper as Awbride’s eyes roll back in his head. The pleasure and pain overwhelms him as Oaks begins to stroke harder and harder, fucking him passionately. It is everything the boy has ever dreamed of, and he cannot believe his luck. He will follow wherever this man leads, and he will serve until he can serve no longer. Awbride has been indoctrinated.

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