Elder Abarth: Hole Training

Jax Thirio and Jason Abarth

Elder Abarth has a history of being a rebel. His parents had a difficult time with him in high school because he refused to take direction from anyone who seemed like an authority figure. However, when one of his peers offered him advice, he was more than willing to take heed. After a while, his parents got tired of beating around the bush and trying to find roundabout ways to get through to the boy, so they gave up altogether. They sent him off to the mission to learn discipline from the holy men of the High Priesthood. Little did they know, they were sending him off to live under the watchful eye of the most authoritative group of men in the missionary system - the Order. Bishop Thirio is well aware of Elder Abarth’s disposition, and he’s been careful about how he addresses the boy. He knows that if he comes off like he’s trying to boss the young man around, he will be rebuffed and his kindness refused. So, he is patient with the boy. His caring nature eventually comes off as friendliness, and before long, Abarth sees the bishop as a close friend and confidant. He even feels close enough with the man to explore some deeper, more intimate parts of his personality. After a long day, Abarth gets some rest, and the next morning he is approached by the Bishop yet again. He is happy to see the Bishop hasn’t lost interest in him, and he wonders if he is back for more. The Bishop can’t take his eyes off the young man’s nubile body and he runs his hands along his toned flesh passionately. After some intense foreplay, the Bishop experiences the boy’s body firsthand, plunging deep inside and training his incredibly tight asshole. Bishop Thirio may be the best friend Elder Abarth has ever had…

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